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pop PoP POP - All Pregnancies Look Different - Own YOURS!!

You guys - pregnant bodies are FUNKY!!! For reals just wait... or nod your head in agreement if you are a fellow rock star mom.

Here's what happens so you can get into the setting of what it's like to live in a body building a new body. First you shockingly find out about the wee little bugger that's in there (I don't care if you have been trying for years... it's ALWAYS a shock when you find out.) Almost immediately you start to stare at your body EVERY freakin morning wondering what's changing. Is that bigger? Is that wider? Are those growing? And you nit... and you pick... and you judge... (because that what us ladies do) And THEN you think - ahhhhaaaa yes I see a baby bump! But its gone the next minute... maybe it was just the burrito you ate.

And then one morning you wake up and it's like WHAT THE HELL - where did that come from!! Like that - SHABAM - you popped!! Often, this first pop isn't enough for anyone else to notice - aka they think you DO just have a FOOD BABY. So you go around wearing prego shirts that are too big that say "baby on board" or "mini me" or my favorite "OMG BECKY Look at this BUMP" Only to have them look down and think - like WHAT bump....

But then POP 2 HAPPENS - Does this occur for everyone, or is it just me? Let's say its everyone!!

So here's how it goes down... After pop one, you just feel like you're on a belly roller coaster --> big little big little up down up down... but really does anyone even know if you're pregnant or not? NOPE. They just know you have some major melons coming in and think perhaps you finally got that boob job.

THEN, one afternoon, you notice you're in a 'big stage' meaning you have to poop or you just ate too much. No biggie. Until you get up the next day and the baby bump hasn't gone's here to stay

15 Week to 19 Week Progress

Sitting is suddenly uncomfortable. You're bladder is being completely smooshed and you can only fit the smallest amount of food in your stomach or you want to barf. Welp - that's how it happened for me anyway!

Ok ok Cal we get it... your belly grew. What's the point. (Not to say that I regularly have a point when I write... BUT today I do.)

Your POP will happen when YOUR pop will happen... Might be 8 weeks. Might be 24 weeks. Each woman is different. Each woman grows at a different rate. Some babies make us wide. Some babies pop straight out. Some women carry low. Some women carry high.

THAT is one of the beauties of pregnancy.

Case in point - I had a friend amazed at my big bump last week as she commented that her daughter is due the same time as me and she isn't even showing a BIT yet! And, of course, she is freaking out about it!.... am I growing ENOUGH... is the baby on track!?? Because us women like to compare, one might think - well does that mean I am too big? Should I be her size? Should she be mine?

Then I had another friend on vacay with me who is just 3 weeks ahead of me and we look

completely different! Now put us all together and I bet you couldn't believe all of the variety!

Point being - is you are all beautiful. Your pregnancy is YOUR pregnancy and it's perfect. Your baby grows how YOUR baby grows and he's perfect or she's perfect. There's no too fast... or too slow... or "right way to cook a baby"... it's a unique and beautiful experience.

Love your body.... love the changes... love the miracle that's happening inside of you.

well... that is... if you're pregnant. If you're not... you might want to check on your nutrition and make sure you know what you're doing 😂

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