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Pour Some Sugar on Me... (sing it when you read it or don't read it at all)

My name is Caley Carroll, and I'm a Sugaroholic. Let's all agree - this is a thing - actually I could give you fact after fact and article after article describing the addictive and detrimental qualities of sugar, but you can do that on your own.... And for me - this is uncharted territory. How interesting is it that my body is now repulsed by proteins, turns its nose up at most veggies (yak) and consistently and evilly delivers the message to my brain, "EAT SUGARS AND CARBS. Do it NOOOOOOWWW!!" This is a cruel cruel trick, but it's also part of my preggo journey I suppose. Let's dissect:

Caley BP (before pregnancy)

Basically for the last 10 years I have trained my person to not like sugar much. I know that sounds dumb...but you're talkin to me so you should expect it 😂 "So tell me Caley, (said sarcastically by you), how does one 'train themselves not to like sugar'?" (Roll of your eyes 😳)

#1.) Tell Yourself You Don't Like Sweets

Yes for reals... talk to yourself. Ask me if I like chocolate - BLAHHH gross NO! Ask me if I like cheesecake - YAK YUCK. How about some cake Cal - NO THANKS - WASTE. Or at least that is what I tell myself and I am the boss so that is what goes!

#2.) Not Even ONE Bite

I know I know - they say don't restrict yourself... have a little (by they I mean me to every client I train) but for me, unless it's my FAVORITE CHEAT, that doesn't work. I opt for not even a bite, because I know that is a slippery slope of insulin influenced cravings. When you feed an addiction, your body wants MORE. And it's not only the insulin, but it's also the dopamine your body starts to produce and enjoy. And then your body says - giiiive meeee mooooore.... So just say NO.

#3.) THIS or THAT

Play the calorie game... I credit this one to the genius system of weight watchers. Let's say you only have so many calories to waste on empty and meaningless crap so PICK YOUR POISON. If you have 250 calories to jack with - pick ONE and ONLY ONE:

- Mrs. Fields homemade cookie

- One scoop of vanilla ice cream

- 1/2 of a piece of apple pie (no ice cream - this is THIS OR THAT not this and that)

- 1 small brownie

- 1/2 of a big mac

- 1 small fry

- 1 slice dominos pepperoni pizza

- 3 vodka soda cocktails

Am I making you hungry or thirsty yet? So when I play this game... let's say I am at a party. I can EITHER have three cocktails or 1/2 of a piece of pie (which is like 1/16 of that full pie which is like a sliver...) SO my choice is obvious... it's the cocktails... but that's just me 😂 IT does make a difference when you only get ONE of the choices and not ALL of them.

#4.) Know Your Top Rated Sweets

This is a combo of the others, but my deal is that I know my FAVS and I basically say no to the rest and have a moderate of my favs. It's easy for me to pass on candy, cake, pie, danishes, donuts, rolls and chocolate of any sort. BUT, I will make an exception for a fresh baked cookie, fresh rice krispie treat, a couple sour gummy worms or FOR SURE rhubarb crisp. Otherwise my answer for sugar has always been....

I Just Say NO. Simple

Caley AP (after pregnancy if you couldn't figure it out after my last header)

Well... this is the embarrassing part... but that's the fun of blogging - you get to hear it all - the good AND the bad!!!

So since this little bugger has been in my body, it's like a sugar hungry alien has taken over. And if it's not sugar - it is for sure carbs... SERIOUSLY GUYS. It's outta control. I open the fridge to try to find ANYTHING that doesn't sound barfy and close it only to grab gingersnaps. What is that all about!!! I was at a birthday party and my friend was literally SHOCKED to watch me grab a full serving of dessert. "I have NEVER seen you eat like that...EVER" I know, tell me about it. My mom made me my favorite scratch cookies on my road trip - MISTAKE... And then last night, at another birthday party I thought I was NAILING it when the dessert was chocolate cake... I said, "NOPE, I don't like chocolate!" Ha Ha Success!!! At which time my husband gave me one tiny bite and it was freakin HEAVENLY!!!


So this is my life. Talk about #PregnantWithFittCoach 😂 (shall we remove the #Fitt yet) I look at it this way - I am being given the opportunity to see what life is like for MANY MANY of my clients. This is what they go through every.... freakin.... WithOUT a baby in their tummy. To you clients, I now empathize.

Well - It's time to see who the boss is my friends. This apple sized baby or my 38 year old brain...😁 This is what it comes down to. Even tho my ridic(ulous) cravings that ABSOLUTELY do NOT align with my physical goals are there, I am not letting them TOTALLY rule my life. I know by the read of this blog, that may be the story I painted... but that was just to keep you reading. (HA tricked you!) I think instead of practicing my personal normal of 90/10 (90% awesome nutrition and 10% shit) I have been at about a 65/35 for 3 weeks. I am working on upping that back to an 80/20... but it's a process (a detox process). I'm up 3lbs total in the 7 weeks I have been preggers... so somehow I am managing to maintain despite all this. And finally - I have to say - thank-freakin-HEAVENS for my shakes. They are the only things that taste like a total dessert when in fact they have all of the nutrition my baby needs.

Looks like my next 6 months are going to include a substantial amount of smoothies, waffles, ice cream, muffins and pies... but not the sugar-filled ones - the protein vitamin filled ones.


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