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What Does 9 Months Preggo Look Like?! (for my future moms)

Well that’s a great question Caley!!!

… And the answer is ... The answer is... there is NO answer 😂🤣🤰🏼!! What an utter disappointment Cal. But here is the thing - we all look SO dang different at 9 months - you wouldn’t even believe it!

So I’m in this #pregnancy group and everyone is due in January of 2019 and there over 2000 of us sharing pictures. (It’s a private group so I’m not going to share any of their information or photos... but take my word for it) Here is the thing - each and every one of us represents a completely different style of pregnancy. Some have gained 30lb, some 100, and some have lost 10. Some carry wide, some carry high, some you don't even know they're is a baby in there. There are some people that looked like I do at nine months when they were two months pregnant… And there are some women that barely look pregnant and they're days away from labor.

So what’s the lesson here? – Expect to have no expectations if you’re expecting .

Each one of us are genetically different and we start off with different #physiques which gives us a different result and different bodies at every stage of pregnancy. Be patient and love your body... don't expect anything in particular... just expect love.

ALSO - love your body before you even get pregnant by taking care of it. You only get one space to live a.k.a. one body a.k.a. your body.

And now for my different looks!! Three pregnancies and 3 slightly different carries!

I thought this was an entertaining little demonstration from my past! I definitely look substantially different between my daughter and now… Although I think I’m carrying this baby more similar to Kinzey in 2004 than to Jayce in 2006.

For me, the primary difference was my health back then... wasn’t so hot. It wasn’t so bad either – I just wasn’t very educated. And I’m not saying that I was perfect this pregnancy by any means – I’ve eaten more carbs and sugar in the last nine months than I have for the last six years… But I definitely have a different natural type of lifestyle which resulted in a different result.

Repetitious yet LOL! 😂 That’s my pregnancy brain working hard… Or maybe hardly working. (You’re welcome)

Ok new mommas-to-be...that is your lesson of the day!! You are all beautiful and amazing!!

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