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Meet Whitten John

Whitten John is a charismatic, wild, loving toddler.  On June 24th we discovered 4 tumors in his little body (skull, pituitary and hip) and he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH) as well as a rare disease called Diabetes Insipidus (DI).  Learning to manage his DI and care has been really challenging, but we are doing our best every day!  Momma hasn't been able to work as caretaking is now a full time job and then some.  We recently were able to start him on a new chemotherapy administered at home to support his LCH battle AND manage his Diabetes Insipidus.  We have started a 12 month journey and pray every day that these diseases do not follow him into the future.  We are starting this fundraiser to bring awareness to the diseases and to support Whitten John's family as they learn to navigate trading in full time entrepreneurship for full time caregiving.  As our family learns to traverse this new chapter, we are eager to continue the cause in order to give to LCH and DI research and associations and other families in need who find themselves in this very rare situation. 


Thank you for being a part of our journey.  

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Event Details

Date: October 1st, 2022

Time: 3-7 

Location: Giggling Life Care Farm


Bring your family and friends to enjoy the love and laughter of The Giggling Care Farm!  Your little one will love seeing and petting the 100+ animals like Comet the Cow, 

Can't make the day and time?? Check out the virtual support section below!

Presale Tickets: 

Presale Ticket Prices: ($10 more per ticket at the door)


  • Caterpillar - Includes entry, pizza, petting zoo and  farm games!

    • $20 per adult,

    • $10 per child (2-12) 

  • Cocoon - Includes above PLUS bracelet, butterfly pack & butterfly temporary tattoo

    • $30 per adult,

    • $20 per child (2-12)

  • Butterfly - Includes above PLUS Tshirt or wings (for the kids) 

    • $50 per adult,

    • $35 per child

(Tickets at the door will be $10 more per person)


Event Features:


  • Access to 150 animals for farm fun experience

  • Farm games includes bunny bowling, pin the tail on the donkey….

  • Gratitude butterfly art

  • Egg art??

  • Music, laughter and great company

  • Histiocytosis awareness

  • Diabetes Insipidus awareness

  • Multiple self care and self love booths supporting you


Small donation:


  • Pizza - $2 (1.30 profit)

  • Water - $2 (1.85 profit)

  • Treat Table - $2 ($2 profit)  

  • Smore Kits - $4

  • Beer - $6 ($5 profit)

  • Truly - $6 (4 profit)



  • Horseback Riding $6

  • Donut Swing $2

  • Cake Walk $4

  • Slim Dunk $2

  • Goal Getter $2 a shot

  • Juggle Contest $2

  • Face painting $6

  • Cornhole???



  • Bracelet $4  (3.45 profit)

  • Little Butterfly Pack $4 (3.65 profit)

  • Butterfly Tattoos $2 (1.90 profit)

  • Butterfly Stickers?  

  • Butterfly Wings $14 ($9 profit)

  • T shirt $26 ($20 profit) 

  • Mug ?

  • Plastic Cup?

The Moment My Son Was Diagnosed with a Rare Cancer and Another Disease... Perception and Prayer
Caley Carroll

The Moment My Son Was Diagnosed with a Rare Cancer and Another Disease... Perception and Prayer

3 days ago I walked into Childrens Hospital expecting a routine overnight test that would give us a quick answer and send us on our way. As Whitten and I hauled our bags in for an overnight and water deprivation test, I looked upon the families we passed with a heavy heart. Mother's with vacant eyes. Children who's sadness you could feel. Dads with swollen red faces revealing tears they probably used to hide. Wagon after wagon full of overnight bags, blankets, hospital machinery. My empathy sought it's way into their souls and felt deep sorrow. "I can't even begin to understand what these poor people are going through." 36 hours later I sat in our hospital room surrounded by our new oncologist, endocrinologist, neurologist and team of additional doctors and nurses. "We think what your son has is treatable...but your lives will never be the same." In a blink of an eye, we became one of 'those families'. This video is the first live share of our journey with a rare cancer called Langerhans Cell Hystiocytosis (LCH) and an additional rare disease called Diabetes Insipidus. (DI) Although you will see my authentic tears and shock, I believe this videos shares perspective and hope. If you or your family has been affected with LCH or DI in a child, please reach out, we are looking for connections and support. We are only 5 weeks into our new chapter of life full of chemo, medications, blood draws, surgeries, hospital stays, roid rage, tears and the general 'unknown'... but we are doing our best and focusing on the light and love around us in each and every moment. Many people continue to ask what they can do for us... and the truth is - I don't know. We don't know exactly what this looks like yet. The only thing I ask for is light, love, and prayers. But my sis in law (being the hands on organized supporter) set up a go fund me to support our finances... YES we have insurance that 'should only cost us' an additional $9K for the next 18 years (an unexpected $162K expense) but we have no idea the extent of what is going to happen next. And the biggest surprise is the amount of time and energy caregiving is for our little man which means momma bear (aka me) who is a self made entrepreneur traditionally running her 3 companies - is unable to work. Which as you can imagine - can be a little scary. I trust in God and I know that our family is going to be taken care of and I am truly listening for what is next... but for now - here we sit. My goal in sharing these videos is to support you with HOPE FAITH TRUST GRATITUDE and LOVE Life isn't a perfect fairytale, but there is beauty all around us. Some days feel better than others. Some months are tough and some seem to be smooth sailing. Some years knock you on your ass and some light you up in ways you never knew possible. Just know that life is happening FOR you not TO you. Breath. Laugh. Cry. Release. Ask for help. Believe. #histiocytosis #LCH #histiowarrior #gms #goodmorningsunshine #chemomom #chemotherapy #perspective #lifeisbeautiful





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