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Let's Grow Together 

"The mind once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions."

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Here are some of my favorite development reads. 

If you are joining us for the current month's Book Club, just grab the book and divide the total number of pages or minutes by the days in the month - That's how much you want to complete a day!  It is usually only around 8 pages or 10 minutes a day.  It is a perfect way to get started on your journey or to stay committed to your personal development. 

You can interact with us in a couple different ways.  The easiest way is to follow me on facebook where we will have a daily quote and reflection.  This holds you accountable and makes you think a little more.  In addition I have life videos and/or podcasts on the subjects to reiterate our learning.  Check YouTube and Podcast Links.

Finally - If you truly want to being more joy, success, light, presence, peace and love to your life - YOU CAN'T JUST READ THE BOOKS.  The only way to have positive progress is to take what you learn and apply it to your life.  Talk about it.  Share about it.  Interact with the subject.  The more you apply, the more developments you will see. 

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