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Nourishing our minds to grow in positive ways together

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Continuously learning and growing is a way of life that brings happiness, joy and positive experience.  It also bring immense positive influence as we each step into our greatest self.  In order to help others with this process, I organize a monthly book club featuring different development books covering an array of subjects.  I also commit to keeping it extremely simple, because this experience is for the masses, not a special few and MOST OF US NEED SIMPLE.  We are busy enough in our lives we don't usually want to add anything else - 


Each month I will announc our book.  You grab it online - audio or tangible - whatever you prefer.  Generally we do our best to commit to reading or listening for 10 minutes a day which will get us through most books in a one month time period.  

The I commit to sharing about the subject and book on my social media platforms (generally facbook) in order to provide opportunities to interact and reflect.  It is literally that simple.  No meetings... no special groups you need to join... just do your reading and interact for more impact.

Many people ask why I take the time to do this.  There is no cost, no profit, no monetary exchange... the truth is:


It is a passion and dream of mine to positively help others in discovering a beautiful way of living full of gratitude, love, kindness, strength, patience, sincerity and confidence.  

Another truth is that I learn more from teaching, than simply learning from learning if that makes sense.  In fact we all do.  When you learn something new, the more you speak about it and share about it, the more it is engrained within you.  So I ask that if you join, SHARE!!  Talk about the books with the poeple in your life so that you get more out of the experience and also so that you hopefully influence others to jump on board of the positiviy train!!


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