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Pull and Pray 🙏🏻

We've all heard of pull and pray, and it's a necessary part of life at times. And don't act like it's not!!!

PULL them apart when there's illness


PRAY that your other kids don't get sick.

(get your minds out of the gutter you dirty b....)

This is especially true when your two-year-old just got home from chemotherapy the same day that your four year-old started presenting signs of illness.

Perhaps at 6:14 PM on Monday evening, your boys were out playing on the trampoline and your four year-old was trudging your two year-old up onto the tramp nose to nose; grunting and groaning; all of their strength and might; breathing every ounce of air directly into one others faces.


Perhaps m that very same evening your four year-old starts to show signs of a fever… His already hot little body dripping, even more than usual, while coughing, louder, and louder throughout the evening, waking up in a pool of sweat.


And perhaps, the next thing you know he's got a fever of 104.4° and you're headed to his doctor to get everything scoped out when the hospital is suddenly evacuated due to an emergency and eventually you find yourself sitting at the Children's Hospital urgent care...


Pergaps the doctor knows the danger of having a neutropenic baby going through chemotherapy at home so he runs complete panels on everything only after warning you that they are VERY EXPENSIVE TESTS 😳😳 You say yes irregardless.


Perhaps you head home and 3 hours later your My Chart gives you yet another alert… A sound you hear multiple times a day, every day, due to the vast amount of appointments, test, blood draws that you're used to but this time it's for a different baby.


Not perhaps... this is real life.

Well, isn't that the shit. It's one of the most dangerous things your chemo baby can contract and due to the timing of his infusion, his numbers should be plummeting right at this very time. 😳😳 And if he happens to get any sort of fever right now, it's likely that we will win ourselves a Hospital vacation for a minimum of two days and up to about a week.

Do you know what I had to say in this moment?

We are so unbelievably blessed to have our living situation at hand. Some of you don't know, but I live in a property with my parents… Their barndominium sits just 40 yards away and Quincy and his grandpa are BEST FRIENDS.

Grandma and grandpa have been put in charge of Quincy duty while I am in charge of Whitten John, keeping them separated as much as possible. If he doesn't catch whatever he was going to catch from a couple days ago then hopefully we are in the clear. We are washing our hands every 10 minutes and doing everything we can to keep everything sanitary and reduce our germs shared as much as possible. We're drinking our water and taking every immunity booster you can think of…

All in all – we are doing our best and that's all we can do!

And now we pray!

Dear God,

Please help Quincy heal and relieve his pain. Please help him sleep and rest and help grandma and grandpa to stay healthy while loving on him.

Please give Whitten John super immunity strengths and help him not contract anything. Help his mommy and daddy and brother to stay healthy as well as we take care of him.

Please keep us out of the hospital and help Whitten John not get any fevers at all!

Thank you for all of our blessings,


… Last thing is just remember to pull and pray! Desperate times call for desperate measures...

All right, I gotta go sanitize my house…


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