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Well Hey There Sunshine

Caley Carroll here!

I'm a momma just doing my best while authentically sharing that we can choose happy... even when life throws us a curve ball.

A year and a half of chemo and hospitals can't hold us back... there is too much light to shine!

Authentically sharing life..

The good, the bad, the ugly...

and the beauty around it all.

Most everyone was certain I wouldn't be able to "keep up the happy act" after my son was diagnosed with an extremely rare cancer in June of 2022. 

They continued to watch... waiting for me to break down and give up hope.  

Over the course of many years, they had become accustomed to my bubbly energy and sometimes obnoxiously persistent positivity.  How in the world would I handle this new chapter in my life?

While I was heartbroken, lost and terrified... I instinctively dove into the one practice I know can pull us out of anything:


I had been authentically sharing about my life for years.  I had a decision to make - Was I willing to continue to share through the pain and anguish?

To really get to know me, watch as I go LIVE just days after they found 3 tumors in my 20 month old baby boy, Whitten John. 

Overnight, I went from being a passionate entrepreneur & mind·body·soul coach, to being a full time caretaker. The next year and a half brought 58 chemo infusions, 10 sedations, 7 MRIs, 3 surgeries, countless blood draws, multiple ER visits, week long hospital stays and a complete new way of life.  My biggest take away has been that       




So why am I here?!

After my son rang the bell in October of 2023, I found myself looking in the mirror really wondering who was the woman in the reflection and what was her purest purpose.  With chemo treatments complete, and hospital/doctor visits minimized, I got to look at the blank canvas that was my life and decide.

Often we feel like we need to go back to what we know.  We think it's all a waste if we go a new directions.  But the truth is we are meant to grow through each chapter of our lives and if we can let go of the past, we can truly discover our greatest selves.   

After reflecting and diving in deep, I kept coming back to one clear answer

My truest gift is shining light into others.  Helping them find perspective that brings them joy through all of the stages of life.

+ Positivity Influencer

(That's the title I gave myself)

So how EXACTLY am I shining into others?

📲 Social Media Reels, Posts and Prompts

Sharing positivity, perspective and parenting

💻 Daily live videos on Facebook & YouTube

Authentic messy live videos - kids and all 

🎙️ Podcast Good Morning Sunshine

A little less chaotic but just as fun - coming 2024

📖 90 Day Gratitude Journal & Prompts

The skill that saved my life - coming Jan 2024

🎤 Private & Public Speaking Gigs 

Inspiring face to face

The Truth

The truth is for the last 17 months my life has 100% been focused on getting my baby healthy and providing my family strength...I have been authentically sharing my journey with no space for tact and branding.  

If you are looking around my site and socials seeing some unfinished projects and perhaps some sloppy and maybe even confusing content - You're right!

So as my son continues to heal, I will get to fine tune my online presence and direction.  

That being said...

Where do you start!

...just by saying hi

Start with the Socials

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I don't blog often...but when I do 


Quincy's Birthday: New Year New Me - I'm 1 and Ready to Celebrate
Quincy's Birthday: New Year New Me - I'm 1 and Ready to Celebrate
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Auntie Julie's House,
3513 E 143rd Pl, Thornton, CO 80602, USA
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