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11 Months Ago…

11 months ago, I was posting about shakes and healthy leftovers. I was teaching people how to salad prep. I was helping people find consistency with their workout routine. I was supporting people to find a healthy relationship with food. I was working at what I did best...

11 months ago, I was working with a beautiful group of women to step in to their greatness. I was hosting retreats… Teaching boundaries… And connecting souls with their spirituality.

11 months ago – things were different.

I was a Momma for perfectly healthy babies.

11 months ago, things were perfectly normal… Perfectly mundane … And perfectly ordinary....

Words I used to hate but now find extraordinary

11 months ago, I was planning a graduation party… Hosting a Mothers Day photo shoot... potty training my baby...

11 months ago, we started to notice my one year-old walking with a limp and peeing an insane amount, but we had no clue...

11 months ago seems to be a lifetime ago… yet yesterday.

I am thankful for 11 months ago… But I am also thankful for the 11 months since… And I am thankful for today.

This is your reminder that 11 months from now things could be different. This isn't to scare anyone, but it's just a reminder to grab life with your complete heart and soul and live them with your everything because 11 months from now things could be different. Beautiful eventually… But different.

Light and love,


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