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Life WILL Bang You Up - THAT Is Certain

Well that caption just screams "READ MORE" doesn't it?? Ok, no it doesn't. But it's the truth. The only certainty is that there are no certainties, so when life throws a shelf at your head... your only option is to choose how you REACT.

This is a story... a catch up... b/c I didn't blog two years ago, and as it turns out, after a #TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) from a #concussion - I couldn't have written this if I had wanted to.

September 11, 2016

Life was rolling busy 2 years ago - and I mean FREAKIN BUSY. I created this because sitting drove me crazy. In 2012-2015 I worked about 18 hour days, 7 days a week on average - building my future! I was stressed and tired and satisfied. 2016 brought a different type of year - a year of assessment... trying to figure out what was next. Until August that is... that is when I thought I had figured it out and really dove back in to all facets. I decided to not only take one arena of my business to the next level... but multiple arenas to the next level. I knew this meant I was going to be on an extreme schedule again but I thought I was ready... and then life decided otherwise.

I went into one of my developing locations. We had decided to 100% resurface our facility and business structure. We were scheduled to be fully operational Oct 1 and had multiple things to take care of. So on this beautiful Sunday, I was in our space helping set up our new conference room. As a buddy of mine and I were hanging a new extremely large white board for our 'war room' aka brainstorm and conference area, things took a twist. I was holding the white board up as he drilled the board in and without warning a large shelf FULL of items lifted from the wall and dropped directly on to the back of my head. IMMEDIATELY, without any time to process at all, these words passed through me:

Oh Fuck - what if my life is never the same.

And here is the thing... I didn't have time for my subconscious to communicate with my conscious and decide what would be the perceived reaction to this trauma... no it was INSTANT like my brain had never moved so quick.

I quickly lifted my head and grabbed my scalp as my buddy asked if I was ok... I laughed and said no problem. As I returned my hand to the white board to re-secure and finish up the job and we both looked at the bright red blood dripping down the once white board. Apparently I was not ok... but I didn't really know that yet.

Let's make a long story short... or shorter... I carried on throughout my day as I thought I was fine. Popped into workout next morning casually at 6am... Little did I know what I looked like. My coach came over to me after about 5 minutes and got ALL up in my grill - eye to eye. He told me I had a concussion and needed to sit out. YEP just like that - he could tell through my slow movements, concussed eyes and slow speech. I was out of it.

This was the beginning of a long long journey. One that is TOO long for this specific blog entry.

I am not going to give away the details or the end - but I will tell you this... this was the beginning of not only a journey in recovery of an injury, but a journey in a discovery of life.

We learn from our challenges...Life bangs us up and if we are WISE, we chose to make this bang ups the catalyst for #change and #growth.

So if life is a little messy right now. Be patient and listen.... something great is on the horizon if you choose.

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