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Hello World!!

Well it's finally happening!!! I have been talking about starting this damn blog for about 4 years....but you know what doesn't make things happen?

Thinking doesn't make things happen - ACTION makes things happen.

So here we are in 2018, and I have about 349 blog subjects and documented journeys up in my brain (which is a VERY interesting place to live) and it's time for me to start type vomiting them all over this page - TA DAAAA!!! You ----> Are ----> WELCOME in advance!!

I know what you're thinking - Cals (let's start using nicknames right off the bat because you KNOW we are going to be fast friends.) Cals (I repeat b/c of my rant.) CALS!!!!! (damn it focus!) Well now I forget what I was thinking so I forget what you were thinking.... I need a quick break...

And I'm back after my literal 20 minute break - so I remember what your thinking. You're thinking, "What in the world are you even going to write about?" (AKA why would I even follow this)

Well I shall tell you - I am going to share about the interests in my life and the interesting things IN my life &...

I am on a global mission to IGNITE SMILES starting with you!

I want to help people feel happier, healthier and MORE CONFIDENT... realizing the beauty and potential in this life!

I have three primary "buckets" that will be main conversation points:

#FittLife : I'm alllll about that healthy lifestyle... but then again I'm alllll about that fun. So how do you create balance of health, fun, confidence, physique, energy, parties, family, vacations, workouts, nutrition .....blah blah blah - it's exhausting just talking about it!

#FittMind : Legit it's really about your mindset. As a high level athlete, I have always been intrigued by the power the mind has in all aspects of performance... and now I am connecting that realization and how it affects your "performance in life".

#FrazzleSpaz : Obviously I am not normal...The term frazzlespaz came to me a couple years ago and I love how it sums up my crazy, energetic, off-kilter, sometimes-outta-control, vibrant humor and passion for life. (ps I may not by G rated... maybe like PG13+)

SO WELCOME TO MY WORLD!! And buckle up... because I don't even know where this crazy train is going but I KNOW it's gonna be off the hook (or chain or whatever the kids say these days...)

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