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Let's Be Honest - I SUCK

Welp - apparently blogging just hasn't been top of mind during the last half of my pregnancy. 😳 I mean every week I have an idea and I'm like - I'm totally gonna jump online and write about that... and then I don't. I literally haven't even been journaling my pregnancy b/c I thought this would be like a cool way to publicly journey (because I obviously tell it all anyone - why double dip and write it twice.) But now 10 weeks have gone by - F!

Ok well no time to start back up like the present!! And maybe just maybe I can figure out how to add a damn video blog instead b/c we all know how much I LOOOOOOOVE to talk on video 😂

So this "entry" is merely to state that I am indeed alive, indeed still on my pregnant journey, and indeed slow as shit. Perhaps I will take some time to catch up - yet - No promises.

(For God's sake that wasn't so hard was it Caley - that literally took 5 minutes even with adding a picture....)

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