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Whoops I Did It Again

Well well well... it's been a minute since we've heard from you what have you been up to? OH - makin' a baby!?? YEP!

But wait - are you NUTS?? Aren't you 40 years old now running multiple businesses with 3 "babies" you are full time momming? YEP (yep to the being nuts and all the other jazz)

So let me catch ya'll up. As soon as we got used to the reality that we really were pregnant 2 years ago... when it was no longer a dream but a reality, I AUTOMATICALLY knew I wanted our little-one-to-be to have another little to buddy up with. YES - I wanted to go for the fourth and I was just barely pregnant with baby #3!

Now John Carroll wasn't SOOOO convinced. I mean he smiled and nodded but under his breath I KNOW he was saying, "this girl be CRAZY."

But 6 days after Q was born, John Carroll and I sat in the nursery, staring at our baby baby boy smiling. John told me in that moment - you're right - we need to have another one. (insert audience AWWWWWWWWWWWW here)

I know what you're thinking - CAL - you just pushed a 7lb watermelon out of your tini tiny gina and you were sitting there all tore up right after labor - thinking - Let's do THAT again!??? YEP!

So at our first post delivery appointment we talked with our doc and told her our plan. She was supportive and told me I was strong enough to move quick so she suggested we stop breastfeeding at 6 months and get on it becuase....

"You're not getting any younger."

Of course, I blushed like it was a compliment (no I didn't) and started making my plan of action like I always do. We started working on storing up an extra 18-24 oz of milk every day in addition to feeding our growing boy. I was ok with stopping breastfeeding if it meant getting pregnant, but I wanted to get my baby through the full first year of life on booby milk.

Mission accomplished a little late... stopped breastfeeding right at month 8 and got BUSY (baum chica baum baum) I got REALLY good at failing pregnancy tests and finally went into the doc to get some tips. "How do you make a baby again doc?"

Well - my new doc ALSO informed me that I needed to get ON IT since I was soooooooo geriatric - so after a complete history and assessment it was determined that I needed to start progesterone, clomid and ovulation tests.

Long story long... this was NOT a "Whoops I did it again".... this was a "Helllll YASSSSS Mutha Fluffas Momma and Papa have been BUSY and we made us a baby!"

Stay tuned... maybe I will remember to blog more than once every three months.

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