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Now Taking Baby Bets

So I thought now that I "do this" again aka blog post.... I should catch you up on my pregnancy - but NOPE.... They're are more urgent matters at hand. First and foremost - People are trying to place baby bets and they don't know where to go to pay! SOOOOOOO - let's start that!

Ok - do you all know that we don't know if our little nugget is a boy or girl? Or did I have share that fact yet?? (probably not 😬... we'll get to that later.) As we discuss this on social media - many people think we are bat shit crazy for not finding out (which we are bat shit crazy... but not for not finding out) And other people think we are big fat liars (stop calling my fat you people 😂) which we are not... because we really don't know.

SO what does one do in this situation - SET UP A BABY POOL OF COURSE!!! 👶🏼

Because who doesn't want some practice before the Superbowl pools and who doesn't want to gamble on the arrival of a small human!?

This is how this is going down:

  • You pick a date and you pick a gender. (I'll provide a couple tips for you to pick)

  • Your square is $10 OR you can have 3 picks for $20 (some crazies are picking more too lol)

  • We are limiting the number of guesses per day/sex so we have a big prize pot

  • We will let you know when pot gets big enough to open up more guesses, but for now when a date/sex is taken - it's taken.

  • We will pay out via PayPal after the package arrives - if the square is open - I WIN (ha!)


Ok first thing is that I am full term (37 weeks) on Christmas Eve. My due date is the 14th or 15th of January (kinda hard to guess the exact time of conception based on momma and daddy knockin the boots multiple times in one night... too much info???😳Nahhhhhh 😂)

If the baby goes two weeks late (which is the latest they will let me go.. That would be January 28th. SO your normal range is 12/24 - 1/28.

Gender options: girl or boy... 🍑 or 🍆

TOTAL SIDE NOTE - OMG you guys - I was gonna right a couple funny nicknames for girl or boy, like Tatas or Juevos.... so I looked it up on the web and I am dying laughing!!! So for your pleasure.... here's a very educational link.

Now for some additional support. My daughter was 19 days early and my son was 15 days early. BUT I am taking a load of vitamins and fish oil this time which can elongate your gestational period (aka make you have the baby later) Daddy KNOWS its a boy. I go back and forth but lately have sensed baby girl.

And here are the TRUE telling signs - we did EVERY old wives tell we could find and created this impeccable chart! We did the test and then marked off if that was a sign of GIRL or BOY.

And that's all you get! Time to guess! I will keep posting updates of dates taken on my FB so if yours is taken when you bet I will msg you pick another! Any questions!??

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