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My Baby's Foot is Gonna Pop Out My Throat or My Va-jj

Taking my babies to school this morning (the living 12 and 14 year old guys... not my unborn baby.... well I guess he came along too didn't he). AnyWho - I noticed that my baby was literally knocking on the door of my ....larynx? esophagus flap? wait - what's that thing called that separates your stomach from your throat down there? I don't know.... but that's where it felt like my baby was.

And YES friends, I know my baby is indeed NOT in my stomach but actually in my uterus.

So here's what one does when baby is tickling your throat with it's pay - You totally arch back and try to make room for all of baby's body parts AND yours... 🥺

I thought this could make you KIND OF understand what it feels like to be 8 months pregnant.


Now hours later - the feeling is still there. Right in the good ol throat. And what's even COOLER is that every once and a while I get this remarkable sensation that the little bugger is scratching at my Va-jj... just imagine little claws scrapping along your bottom insides. Nails grinding slowly and creepily along....

"LET ME OUT", says the little guy...

Baby Carroll Actual Footage

THAT is a taste of pregnancy for you 😁... and I love it... because I am blessed. Now unfortunately for baby (and me maybe), this is only going to get more and more intense b/c baby can't come for another 19 days! Enjoy your cramped quarters little one!!

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