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Wait... Learning is Cool?!!

I know I know - You're shocked... But it's true:

Learning is cool!!!

I had no idea! I went to school for about a million years and after graduating from the University of Denver Summa Cum Laude, I was DONE learning.

Peace Out Books!!

Of course there were a few things I had to do because of my jobs (not by choice) like Real Estate license classes and Personal Training certs... but those were because I HAD to.

In 2011, I created my first "mentor" relationship... well he created it... I didn't even know why an adult would have a mentor. Then I quickly learned the value of the teacher/student dynamic and how it didn't need to revolve around school - I was AMAZED! (and I also felt somewhat like a #dipshit for NOT realizing it 8 years sooner.

Regardless, the point is - I got there.

I realized that life is about continuos learning and growing and developing.

And guess what - It's ok that it took me a bit of time... because it's never too late to become a student again!

That's NOT me guys... that's a pic of some other lady learning... see how cool it is - EVERYONE is doing it!

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