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The car who’s riding your ass… And CONFIDENCE

You know when you're driving down the highway and you look in your rearview mirror only to see a car practically touching your bumper?

But wait... you're driving the proper speed… There's a car directly in front of you… And there are cars in the lanes directly next to you. There is NO WHERE TO GO

so why the hell are they up your ass? And what in the world does that have to do with your confidence? Let's discuss...

In my observation of the "car-up-your-ass" scenario – there are three common states of being the driver might experiences – self doubt, anger or the timid retreat

Reaction 1: Self Doubt

The first reaction is the immediate need to check yourself… Am I doing things correctly? Am I out of line? Am I following the "rules" that I should be? Is this "right"? You start to check yourself. Yes – yes there's a car right in front of me and I can't go any faster. Yes – yes there's a car to my right and I can't get into the other lane. Yes – yes I am driving safely but there is nowhere else I can go.

This pusher that seems to want to tap your very bumper when you literally have nowhere else to go is forcing you to question all of your actions motives and moves. And let's face it – that doesn't feel good.

Reaction 2: Anger

Perhaps you experience self-doubt and then move to anger or perhaps you jump right to anger.🤬 What the hell is this guy doing? Maybe I should slam on my brakes… Maybe I should flip him the bird… Maybe I should get so worked up because he's so worked up and now we're both so worked up and it's really not serving anyone... Also not the best reaction but true none the less.

Reaction 3: The Timid Retreat

And then there are the times where we feel so bullied by this pusher that we force ourselves to make a move and change our path to satisfy their aggressive and pushy behavior. We break and put that turn signal on in order to disrupt the rest of the traffic so that we can get out of their way and remove ourselves from their furious path they are torridly treading. We retreat and feel our bodies timidly shut down instead of standing up for what we know was perfectly appropriate behavior… We veer from our personal path and course of life..

Connecting the Dots

Some where in your life… Some time in your life… You've had that person on your ass. You felt them pushing you a certain direction even though you knew what you were doing was right. This could've been in a relationship or a career or with a tribe of friends… It could've been with your health journey or your finance journey… And you were doing your best to do your best, but they consistently (and perhaps even unknowingly) made you feel a certain way about your journey. And because of their consistent pushing you experienced self-doubt or anger or a timid retreat… And likely all of the above.

How are those reactions affecting your life? It doesn't serve you in any way shape or form. Allowing the pushers in your life to control your emotions and possibly your actions forces you to take unnecessary detours that are not meant for you. They're dictating your drive - they're dictating your journey.

Today I want to challenge you to practice something new and it's going to sound a little funny...

I challenge you to practice ignorance.

When you look into the rearview mirror and awkwardly notice the person practically touching your bumper or persistently trying to push your life a certain way shrug your shoulders and look a different direction.

Focus on the road ahead of you.

Focus on the path you know you are meant to drive in the journey you know you are meant to take. Don't let THEM influence your journey of life. If they want... if they are tenacious enough - eventually they will find their way around you and they will pester someone else who gives them the attention they desire. As for you - you pay them no attention and eventually they will disappear. You deserve better than emotionally supporting that person riding your ass

Have a nice drive my loves! And remember - perspective reveals miracles

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