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To the Real Super Mom

Do you know who the real SUPER MOM is?!


You’re there for all of your babies each and every moment. (and I know many of you that don’t have babies… But you’re there for the babies that surround you... so if this is you, read on) 

You're there for the big events; you’re there for the small memories. You’re there when they’re excited.  You’re there when they’re crying. You’re there when they need a hug. You’re there when they need a lesson that might be really difficult to teach. You’re there to help them learn and grow. You watch over them as they make their own mistakes and carve their own path - no matter how different it may be from yours.  

You’re there without judgement, but with pure love and support.  You’re there to help them create the life of THEIR dreams.  

You’re there so much that you often forget about yourself. You might even pride yourself in putting them first. Your personal being isn’t getting the love it deserves and you don’t bat an eye. You drop anything and everything to make sure they have what they need. You go without so that they can go with. You are the chauffeur, the cook, the maid, the therapist, the referee, the protector, the bearer of the best hugs. 

You’re the true Super Mom and I see you.  I acknowledge your struggles, your challenges, your tired eyes, and your heavy heart. I also acknowledge your joy, and the way you light up when you look at your babies, becoming their best.

Motherhood is a wild ride and there’s nothing else quite like it… And YOU are doing an amazing job.


Thank you to each and everyone of you who took the time over the last month to vote for me for the super mom contest!  It was so much fun, and I am in awe of the support I received! I don’t have any way of knowing who voted when or how much… Or who specifically gave to Children’s Hospital, but I KNOW that you guys showed up over and over again! I am so honored to have placed third in the quarterfinals!

And now I am rooting the other mommas on. I know there is a mom out there who’s in the middle of some major struggles… And I believe she is going to win the competition and it’s going to be life altering for her! And I couldn’t be more excited to watch her story ! 

To all of my super mom’s… Super aunts… Super friends… Super supporters… I love you!

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