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Waking Up In a Puddle 😳

"GOOOOOOOOD MORNING SUNSHINE!" not what I was thinking at 1:42am when my full cup of water fell on my head (at which time I casually changed pillows and moved 8 inches closer to Q.)

"GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE" not what I was thinking at 2:11am when I felt my shirt soaking up a hot liquid and heard my son say, "oops I peed!" 😳 (at which time I took him to the bathroom, derobed my now pee pjs, covered the pee spot on the mattress with a towel and a blanket and crawled back into bed but this time across the bottom like a cat.)

"Good Morning Sunshine" not what I said at 2:47am when WJ woke up for the second time scared and hungry demanding that we go downstairs. (at which time I clumsily carried him down in my birthday suit and set him on the couch only to discover my husband left his cereal bowl and spoon casually on the bed that I had so carefully prepared the night before knowing that this is a reoccurring theme in this period of my life and the clinking sound startled my son waking him even more to which his response was a desire to watch a movie while sipping on a protein shake instead of just falling back asleep on the couch which time I reached for the remote, which is supposed to be in a specifically designated space, but was not there, which left me wandering aroubd tripping over toys on a remote scavenger hunt that I did not want to be on… But I eventually found it, turned on Wall-E and curled up on the couch attempting to get a little more sleep.)

"Good morning sunshine" not what I said at 3:11 when my baby boy woke me and said he wanted to go back upstairs, but then 10 minutes after we were cuddled up back in the dry spot of the bed, he started having bad dreams and wanted to return to his couch sanctuary. (At which time we repeated the previous scenario with less dishes and less tripping only this time WJ got a shot of melatonin until we both fell asleep on the couch with Wall-E set as our background noise.)

"good morning sunshine" not what I said at 5:33 when I heard the bedroom door creak open and the footsteps of my four year old happily bouncing downstairs claiming "It's morning!!" (At which time I cuddled him up in the couch and asked him to be quiet so his brother could try to sleep a little more after a sleepless night and attempted to close my eyes for just a few more minutes with utter failure.)


IS what I said when WJ casually stirred awake at 6:04am and the boys started giggling. (At which time I started praying telling God thank you for each and every one of the blessings that we are surrounded by every single day as I casually strolled downstairs, got out of my birthday suit, went up to the bedroom, stripped the soaking wet bed and started the 1st of 5 loads of laundry... all bedding and pillows 😳😳)

Some nights you get to sleep better than others but every night you get to wake up is a blessing. 💕

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