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What ISN'T a #FittLife?

Ok if you're going to start tuning in... you might want to really know what this is all about... so here are your basic "CliffNotes" on a #FittLife (That Cliff... he sure know everything)

ACTUALLY - let's start with what you really should know first - what ISN'T a FittLife!?

BFL (Before FittLife), I went through an assortment of stages (which we can dive into later). But you might recognize some of these:

  1. "Post Athlete College Student" (a little gym time, a LOT of party time) = NOT FITT LIFE

  2. "Found The Love Of My Life" (who needs to work out with all of this lovin we do??? oh... and 'date nights' are a must full of xtra calories) = NOT FITT LIFE

  3. "I'm Pregnant!!" (eat, eat, eat, eat, sleep, eat, nap, eat, eat...and NO I had not idea how to fuel for two the correct way... did I mention the hubby did the same?) = NOT FITT LIFE

  4. "I'm a Mom!" (there is no time for me... AND mac and cheese is always left in the bowl and I don't want to waste it so I always eat it up) = NOT FITT LIFE

  5. "I'll Be a Personal Trainer so I HAVE to Lose the Weight" (Caley meet salads, salads meet Caley.... ensue consistent guilt associated with food and obsessive workout habits...) Losing the weight but = NOT FITT LIFE

NOT FITT LIFE was not all that fun... at any stage. I had a lack of confidence, a lack of health or a lack of fun. I was missing the key to it all:

THERE IS A WAY TO HAVE IT ALL!!! That is a #FittLife

On the left I perfectly portray NOT FITT LIFE.... and on the right I strut my swagger of my successful and long lasting true #FittLife full of fun and balance

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