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Internationally Grown - 9 Weeks Baby!

Ahhhhh yeah! This bitty olive sized baby is 9 weeks grown and she is already an International baby baby (see what I did there - with the babies)

9 weeks... or post-a-week-of-carbs-and-sugars 😂...BOTH

Let’s not act like I planned that prestigious immediate travel lifestyle for the little one. In fact - I think the....hmmmm... SIXTH thing John Carroll said to me that beautiful morning we discovered we were surprise pregnant was,

Oh shit - we go to Punta next week and you can’t even drink 😂.

Thanks John...And don’t act all high and mighty on me like he was crazy for saying that - you were thinking it too. I mean it’s an all-exclusive all-expenses paid vacation to the freakin' Caribbean in an astonishingly beautiful hotel - and I don’t mean all inclusive bottom shelf shit...I mean all inclusive with the quality stuff flowing like Niagara Falls! Who wouldn’t think about that! Seriously almost EVERY person I ran into on vacation had some comment about the lack of a boozy drink in my hand. (Or perhaps a comment and giggle regarding the club soda and lime glued tightly to my palm)

Cause here’s the thing...let’s all agree on this...I feel like it’s your DUTY on an all inclusive vacay to drink and eat as much as humanly possible - anyone else or just me!?? (okay...actually I’m just catching up with myself here realizing I in fact am making NO SENSE - because technically the trip was free for us so in all reality we didn’t need to eat or drink anything on the trip and we still would have gotten our moneys worth 😂😂😂... but let’s forget that fact.)

So for the last week, John Carroll did his utmost to get our money (aka no money) out of our free trip - and he NAILED IT! Scotch flowing and food galore! Meanwhile, me and the peanut wandered about the 14 pools and mile long property watching Papa John (😂😂) dance, drink and eat ... as we we nibbled on breads and popcorn or whatever wouldn’t make us barf... throwing back the water, club soda and occasional virgin pina colada, wondering when the next extreme nauseous moment was going to hit or full on barf moment would ensue.

Might sound miserable but IT WAS NOT! Our nugget surely LOVED the Dominican! She got to sunbath and sleep and swim and sleep and hammock and nap and dance and spa and sleep and ... did I mention sleep!

It was an embryo’s paradise for sure!!

So once again - NOPE - not planned - in fact some people might have been slightly pissed about the timing thinking, “man what if i would have peed on that stick just one week later...” Not me folks - embrace it all and love the shit out of it! The whole dang experience!

And let’s just point this out - who are the best parents ever!? These guys (I’m pointing to myself and John obviously guys.) So let’s all agree that it’s totally COOL that our baby got her first international trip 9 weeks in! BOOM 💥 Winning as parents!!

Oh and I TOTALLY TRICKED YA!! I don’t know if she is a girl or a boy yet guys - I’m just already sick of calling him or her an it so I’ll pop back and forth! Today it was baby she.

Excited to be 9 weeks friends- thanks for being on the journey with me!!

PS - Did you know that you can subscribe below so your notified of my nonsense??? Because that's pretty cool... Just push "Subscribe" (super tricky right...)

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