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OOOopsie Daisies...

Oh hey guys - it's me Caley. Remember when I found out I was pregnant months ago as a 38 year old woman who though I would be empty nesting in 6 years so I was blogging my journey and having to much fun and then

all of a sudden I was no where to be found!?

Well as it turns out, this whole making a baby thing can be a bit of a distraction and make you a touch tired and out of it 🤪... It's literally been 2 1/2 weeks since we've chatted - I KNOW!!! TRAAAAAVESTY!!! 😭

So FIRST, I Umpologize (that's how my nephew apologized forever as a kid so I naturally still use it because its awesome.) and SECOND, let me catch ya'll up on this baby making adventure. (disclaimer: although I write to share... I also write b/c it's totally a journal for me to look back on when I'm 50 and have an 11 year old, a 24 year old and a 26 year old... so I'm actually quite selfish)

I am 17 weeks pregnant tomorrow! 💥BOOM POW 💥 Almost half way there! The wee tot is the size of my palm (and I have big hands guys) so that is around 5 inches long. She is starting to pack on the body fat, working on developing those "hams" we all love to grab on our baby's little legs. And when I say packing it on - I mean Ka KOOW - he is a little over 5 OUNCES now!! Which doesn't explain why I am up 112 oz aka 7 lbs. 😂 Ok ok I understand it - more blood, more innards, more bootie 🍑. Also, proud to say I'm up 2 lbs of muscle b/c I just started lifting my arms after 6 months post-op!! YAASSSSS GURL!!

As for how the pregnancy has been going in the second trimester... it's been more of the same. I'm like superwoman one day - running 4.5 mile and walking 6.5. Then the next I think my head may explode so I am chillin' like Matt Dillon (that's a famous saying guys... or is it.) One day I can't get enough to eat and pack it in and the next all food sounds disgusting. I've rocked 16 hour work days without a blink of an eye (only I blink all of the time so that's a dumb statement) and then I'll be so dizzy I can't get off of the couch. Sometimes I can't wait to grab a cup of cottage cheese and salad and others all I want is a bagel. But in general - I have been in a GREEEEEEAAAAT MOOD. I've only gotten super hangry and mean twice. And my daughter identifies the drop in blood sugar and rapidly feeds me.

So friends - LIFE IS GOOD!! Excited to be back on track documenting my journey! And as for this moment - I woke up STAAAAAAARVING so I am going to go feed this baby. Ya'll have a slenderrific day!!!

ps - that's a combo of splendid and terrific creating a BA adjective. Feel free to use it. I didn't copyright it or anything.

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