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Touch My Lady Bump - My Lovely Lady Bump 🎶

To touch... or not to touch - that is the question!

Guess who just got her First Lady Bump Rub Down!? ME - that’s who!! Don’t be jealous sisters...gettin me some ACTION ❤️! Yasssss Gurl!!!!

As I walked into the hotel lobby of The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino of Punta Cana I ran into my first friend after about 3 minutes of being in there. Seeing as how I had just announced my pregnancy on Facebook (Like any good human does instead of making personal calls right 😳😬??) she knew my surprise, shrieked and ran over to hug the shit out of me (That’s a metaphor guys... I did not shit 💩 at this time) and gave my ENORMOUS BELLY a rub down!

Ok obvious lie... not even showing yet... not even a little bit.. instead she tried to figure out exactly where to touch my belly and just rubbed me a little bit all over - YASSS GURL (again!!).

And so it begun... a trail of people followed suit - giving the little raspberry size, toeless, fingerless, barely-a-being embryo a pat or love.

The types of baby greetings were all over the board and quite entertaining! Let’s identify a few:

The Awkward Belly Gaze - Do not touch.

These are the folks that made eye contact, said congratulations and then eye drifted down to my crotch wondering if a baby was really down there. Snapping there gaze back up feeling embarrassed 😳

I’ve Been Burned - I wanna touch but I know better.

There were a few who wanted to go in for the tummy rub but had obviously been burned in before (by this I mean they most likely went in for the rub down to a friend in the past when they were immediately reminded how this was NOT public property - ABC your way away from my uterus...)

The Tender Touch - I’m gracefully gonna get you.

Oh how suave!! These friends gave me a tender hug and somehow maneuvered there hand just right to give my tummy a gentle swipe as the backed away. Sneaky loving little suckers!

I'n Going In - Me and This Baby are Gonna Be Great Friends!

This would be most of my peeps...They’re the ones that would charismatically scream, spin me in circles, exclaim that WE’RE having a baby and not only touch my flat tummy but lean down to talk to it. They were magical encounters to say the least!!

And finally - my favorite...

The Linger - I’m gonna touch it until and never let go.

This only happened with family - blood or not - my tribe. The ones that will be there til the end. These limited but VERY SPECIAL folks wouldn’t even give it a second thought. Where ever I was, if we were standing next to one another, no matter how often, their hand would naturally be solidly but gently covering the baby as if to protect it while sending it loads of love. Agghhhh the linger (warms me up!)

And at 8 weeks - without even having a baby bump of any sort - it begins! From dear friends and some people I have barely even met!

And you know what - I LOVED IT! Every...single...greeting

I know some mommas-to-be get REEEEAAAAAL irritated by the invasion of space (and you betta watch yo’self b/c when a momma gets mad she gets FIESTY 😡 ) ...But for me... I choose to embrace the love.

I mean think about it... all of these loving souls surround you and want to shower you with warmth and positive energy. I see each encounter as a blessing. Every beautiful human who congratulates me is pouring into this little being cooking up in there - and whether they share energy through words, a glance, a gentle touch, a ferocious physical greeting or a 5 minute linger, I will take it...

And I will love it!

Thank you to each and every one you ❤️❤️❤️ And for those of you I haven't seen yet - I CAN'T WAIT!


Not all pregnant woman share this view of belly touching with me... while I have no sense of invasion of privacy... others do. And that's perfect - because we are all different. I just suggest to know your audience or you’ll end up in the “I’ve been burned” category when all you want to do is linger.

PPS: Did you know you can subscribe to my nonsense right below so you can comment on my blog!? You can leave all the smart ass remarks or even let the world know what type of baby greeter you are!! (Let's see who is truthful hahahahahahha)

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